This was our last assignment on Here’s some of the steps I used to create this:

Starting with the sketch. I wanted him to have a nice strong jaw, and big swooping hair. I thought replicating the curly motif found in his hair, in his cape would give the image a sense of symmetry. Plus I just like swoopy hair and curly capes.

Next I modeled him in Maya. This is a side, orthographic view of his wireframe model.

And here’s a shaded view of the model with the clouds.

And here’s the final rendered illustration. I used image-based lighting for this, my first time trying that. That’s where you use a high dynamic range image to generate the lighting in your scene. There are no actual lights in this scene. Kinda nifty huh?

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Bryan, I really like this superman. It was one of my favorites from the last drawer geek. It is really cool to see how you went from drawing to 3-D illustration. Also your new site is great!

Thank Chuck, I really appreciate it. Hope to see you back on DG soon.

This is very cool, the cape and the whole stylized look was really captured in 3D from your drawing. Great work :thumbs up:

Hey, thanks Nick. My drawing style is so un3d, it’s always interesting to see what’s going to happen when I take it into three dee.

Bryan Singer, eat your heart out.

really nice work !!!

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