The new, the improved, well… the different

I thought I’d start off the new Breadwig blog with a cartoon that kind of started it all. My original concept for Breadwig was a place where I could post my cartoons based on obscure Bible verses, so here’s the first one.



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What an exquisite tooth! I love it…reminiscent of Nanny McPhee, but she, I’m sure, didn’t chew her “cud”…at least not in public.

It’s too bad they don’t make cud flavored gum. I’d buy it. No more grass between the teeth for this boy!

I visited drawergeeks and checked out the other superman samples. I liked yours, cressy’s, and wolfinger’s images best.

Yeah, some really good ones that time. is so much fun, it’s really pushed me to try new things. In fact, I try and do/learn something new with every one of them.

Seems to me there was a 3-D rendering of an elephant as a teapot – am I thinking that this is the website, but back a few years ago? the style seems to match …

Yes, that was me! Good memory!

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