The Last Cow

I’ve been working on some new t-shirts for Here’s a couple different designs.ย She may not be the first cow, but she will always be The Last Cow.




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Sizzling… like summer sausage.

Funny. Really funny. As usual.

Ha, thanks guys.

I like the first one better, too!

Lookin good man. I can’t decide which I like better as usual.
They both rock. Snazzy-bo-bazzy.

yes! love the cows, bryan! one can never go wrong with cows. did you know next friday is “cow appreciation day”?

I like them both, too…. the first one a little better. BTW, you should come to Vermont next year for the “Strolling of the Heifers” festival. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now there’s a festival! I wouldn’t want to follow that parade too closely however.

i luv the 2nd one!!! grr it should be purple… then it would be an awesome PURPLE COW!!!

hey wats ^! luv da cows. dude they rok man!

I find it’s very funny cows!!!
You’re an artist

poor poor cows
boo boo moo
they r so cute
but they look sad

love the cows sooo cute why are they sad did they find out there gong to be butchered next? ( sorry fo being grusome)

Thanks Audrey, Lauren, Lucie, Hollie and Alison! Ze cow, she is sad because she is “The Last Cow.” :

I’d love to use one of your cows as logo/banner on my site/blog, what do you think ?

Hey DC, which one were you thinking of? What will your site/blog be about?

nice drawings you rock haha ๐Ÿ™‚

this is so cute i love cows so much i havent eaten one in 4 years!!!!:}!!!!

I love the first ๐Ÿ˜€ I Even Use it as Beground XD

mooists unite! The world is ours!

nice picture btw.

I love cows they are my favorite animal and they are very special to me??!!


I love Moo tows, I mean.. CowS!!



Yea the last comment for this was like back in 2006, but i stumbled up on this on goooooogle haha
[i was looking up dead cows for my project].

anywaaays, i like the last cow, its cuter and much more adorable, of course both are cute & my opinion prolly doesn’t even matter seeing that it’s been 3 years later XD

urm by the way the first loos like GIR from INVADER ZIM ^^

Thanks Kai, yeah, it’s an old thread, but thanks for the note anyways!

If you’d like to accompany him with “banjo Dan” I still have that picture,It’s in pretty good shape for 24 years old.

Oh man, yes, Banjo Dan!!!

I LOVE cows! These look so cool, Good job.

is a very cool cow hahahahah

Hey Bryan, I like the cows here. I’d like to use the image for an event coming up in 2010. Can we talk about that? Thanks.

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