Iron Boy

Here’s another illustration from Drawer Geeks. The assignment was Iron Man. I ended up doing an Iron Boy, cuz I thought it would be nifty. Here he is, followed by some of the process I used to create him.

To make this guy, I first sketched out a bunch of different little dudes. I actually drew them while riding in the car, on my tablet pc using Alias Sketch (which rocks for sketching). Noooo, I wasn’t driving, I was a passenger, silly.

This guy was too old looking, and kind of boring. Sorry buddy, rejected!

This fellow’s definitely more interesting, buuuut, dang, it kind of looks like he’s having trouble on the can or something.

Okay, this is definitely closer. He’s a kid now. But maybe a more interesting pose would be cooler.

Yeah, that’s it!  Like he’s raising his hand in super hero class. He knows the answer. Chest lasers always work better underwater than repulsor rays!

Next I brought the sketch into Maya and built his wireframe right over the sketch. Handy dandy.

The arms are simple rounded nurbs cubes with lattice deformations. (When I talk this way around the house my wife starts yelling “Geek! Geek!”)

Here’s the shaded version of I.B. (I.B. stands for Iron Boy, but by using I.B. it saves me lots of typing time because it’s shorter than Iron Boy.)

And here’s the final illustration again. I used final gathering with a simple sphere and ramp texture for the environment lighting, as well as a few spotlights. The glow was done in Photoshop.  Good times in super hero school.



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If I had enough patience, I’d try Mya. But I think I’ll leave it to the pros:)

excelent, I like your drawings and modeling style, you’re one inspired dude 🙂


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