In the past I hadn’t given Corel Painter’s new watercolor brushes much of a chance. Since they’re so much slower than the digital watercolor brushes, I never used them much. But then I decided, eh, why not do a whole illustration with them, see what happens. So, I took a quick sketch that I’d done in Alias Sketch…

…and then just started painting away with the different watercolor brushes. You know what, I like them!

They give you a nice, organic bleed of colors and textures, beyond what the digital watercolor brushes do.

And they look so…..uncomputery!  Painter is just the bees knees.

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I like them too! I haven’t managed anything as pretty as this with them though. Nice!

Ha, thanks. I like them because they’re so muckable you know. I’m never completely sure where I’m going when I’m just experimenting, and these are fun.

ah…very cool. nice feel

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