Pantelope character designs, etc. Part 1

I did a bunch of character designs and a couple illustrations for, and since none of them got used (at least not yet anyways) I thought I should put them here for the general edification of humanity. 


Anyway, starting off, as usual, I herfed a bunch of character dribblins all over some post-it notes. Here are just a few of them, chosen almost at random, but not really.

I figured they should all have the following qualities: 1. Look kind of Antelopish. 2. Be wearing pants. 3. Look slightly dazed and stunned at their own existence.  Armed with this volatile concoction I commenced herfing:

Well, this guy technically has the goods, but just didn’t seem “right”. Next!


This guy would seem perfect, except for the goose stepping. He’s supposed to be Antelopey. Not goosie.


Hmmm. His expression is too weiner dog ambiguous, and you know how I hate that.


Oblivious? Yes. But far too good natured. This is a Pantelope for goodness sakes. Not a Care Bear.


I like the cut of his trousers, but there’s something just too….how do I put this? Ah yes. Oblique.


Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Unfortunately I don’t know where, but it’s somewhere. But there’s a problem. Would you buy T-shirts from this guy? I didn’t think so. Urinal cakes maybe, but not T-shirts.


Oooooh. Hmmm. Tough call. I love his posture. And he seems to effortlessly know and yet not know his place in life. But what is he wearing? Are those pants…? A lamp shade…? In any event, the ambiguity is killing me.



Nice physique. Solid pants. But if he smiles any harder the front of his face is going to fall off. Can’t be having that. Sorry chuckles, no further illustrative development for you.


Aha! Stunned? Check! Antelopish? Check! Wearing definable pants? Check!

Tune in next time to see how this primitive scribble gets turned into our 3d poster thingy above. Tally ho!

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looks promosing

Night of the living…can we turn that into a t-shirt design?

Hey Mike, thanks!

Danger H, I’m sure that could be turned into a shirt design, although it’d be a bummer to lose the 3dness of it by making it flat color. I wonder how it would look as a monotone gradiated print….?

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