Pantys Fants

Okay, so, continuing on with the saga of our favorite breech clad ungulate, once I had a sketch I liked, I started modeling him in 3d. Because he’d only be seen from one angle, I decided to break some 3d rules. Yes, I made both his eyes visible from the same side of his face. Well, that’s how I drew him, so that’s how I built him

Besides, no one will ever see him from the front, so no one will ever know.   



Here’s the final model all plasticky shaded like. I was really pleased with the way his smaller eye is perched on the little mound of snoutiness. Isn’t that precious?


Next I threw a lovely blue spotlight onto him. I wanted a sort of “Zing! Caught in the act of substantiality” feel to it. You know what I mean.


Then, in Photoshop I plopped in a glowing moon, ticked some stars into the background, and plipped up some grass in the foreground.


And finally, fresh out of innovative verb usage and invention, I typed in some text. And zoiks, there’s a Pantelope movie monster poster.



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wow! looking at the process of your work is awesome!!

Thanks Mike! It’s kind of fun to show the steps, etc.

The Pantelope is my new favorite animal. Holy crap…when can I get a pantelope of my own?

Thanks Kyle, maybe I’ll do a toy prototype of him sometime and add him to my other toy prototypes that will probably never get made. 🙂

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