Hardened Sarge

This was done for the last Drawergeeks assignment which was Sgt. Rock. I have no idea what I was thinking here, it just sort of happened.


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i like it..it looks like a zombie, my favorite kind of person…unfortunatly i still dont know about this Sgt. Rock character…

I have no idea who Sgt. Rock is either…. but I love yours. Did you draw him on the rock or scan the rock and put the drawing on then? Very cool either way.

I think I might have had one Sgt. Rock comic when I was a kid. I actually drew him on a post-it note with a sharpie, and then scanned it in, colored it in Photoshop composited it into the rock. I wasn’t going to do one this week, but at around midnight the night before I started sketching in a daze and there it was. Thanks Sarah and Jeremy!

this one was so cool. 🙂

that is reeally cool.. i should find out who this sgt rock fellow is

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