Oooooh, the cute little duckies.


These are some illustrations I did recently for a math book for HoughtonMifflin.




Because this was a rush job I didn’t spend a ton of time on the sketch. Hard to believe eh? 

Then I jumped in and started modeling. Here’s the polygon version of the mama duck. Nice and blocky!

And here she is converted to subdivision surfaces. So smooth, so rounded, sweet!

And here’s an orthographic view of mama with her lil’ duckorinos.

There’s actually only one texture map in this illustration, and that was for the grass. I painted it in Painter and then just mapped it onto the ground plane.

And here’s the final illustration again with final lighting, etc. Cute huh?

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Cute stuff. Love the clean look, the colors and the character development. If I had these little fellers in my yoot, I might have gotten better than C’s in math.

another awesome looking work of art!

This is really nice. I love this style of yours. It has such a nice depth to it without looking ‘computery’ in any way 🙂

Thanks you three! Especially the not looking computer comment Sarah, yay!

oooo! me wove wucks!

they are so cute!!!

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