Assuming they’re not all vegetarians, and assuming they can’t really cook much under water, then I think mermaids, just like the rest of us, probably just snack on whatever floats by.


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I love it. It brings up some tough questions to ask about mermaids. Being half “man” (or woman) and half “fish”, is it an act of cannibalism to eat a fish? What about a human? Were merfolk included with the Fall into sin? Would this young merwoman be ashamed if her seashells which are so tactfully placed, fell off? Why does a mermaid need breasts if she’s going to give birth to a fish who wouldn’t actually need breast milk to survive like other pure-mammals?

I’m done. I like it. What math book is the one you illustrated?

Josh, you need to brush up on your merm-lore. Isn’t Professor Heller teaching a class on that during J-term?

The ducks were for a first grade math book. Not sure of it’s exact name but I think it was something like “Math + U = Mathu”.

Heh… this is great. T-shirt?

ha ha!! there’s something kind of disturbing to this….

disturbing t-shirts for everyone! Thanks guys. 🙂

Lol. thats funny. 😀 I love it. I’d buy a t-shirt with this illustrated on. ;D

I love this drawing. It makes me a bit woosey… but I love it.

omgomg that is lyke soo creative (and thoughtful)…
that opens up a lot of questions. I enjoy thinking about
these kind of things…
like… why do “thaw” and “unthaw” mean the same thing?
and if dead is the opposite of alive, why does “kill you
dead” not mean the opposite of “kill you alive”? *sigh*…
very interesting. now you know what I do in my spare time.

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