Robot Birdie

I created this for a digital illustration awards contest. Here’s some of the process I used to create RoBird.

First a little sketch action. I was going for that classic “friendly, deadly, and dazed” look that is all the rage with the kids nowdays.


Next I built him in 3d. Here’s the wireframe mesh. I’ve been thinking about naming our next dog Wireframe Mesh.

And here’s our little robot birdie rendered out with some shading. Much like my personality, he’s only made of white plastic at this point.


I wanted him to be flying through space, mainly for no reason at all. So I created a quick space backround for him. I also used it as a reflection map.

And then I lit and rendered him, and bam, there you go.

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This is sweet! I always love seeing the tutorial too 🙂

Ha, thanks Sarah!

I am studying Illustration at Cal State Fullerton. Your artwork was fun and inspiring to look at! I really enjoy your loose, playful style, especially when you did the Harry Potter one. Your ideas are really cute too! I love that little short-neck girafe. I feel so bad for him! Well, have a nice day! Keep up the great work!

Hey thanks Roxanna, I really appreciate it!

this bird looks awesome!!!…..and kind of stoned…i love it! could you give me some pointers on how to make stuff like this? im trying to make my own pics but never seem to get it right.

thanks Paul! I used 3d software called Maya for this illustration.

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