Sat. Morn NBC Wheeeeeeee!

Hey, I did all the artwork/characters and models for the Mr. Lunt’s Popsicle Stick Theater segment of VeggieTales airing on NBC Saturday morning at 10:00. If you get a chance take a gander this weekend. Here’s some of the characters I did for this week’s episode.

The idea behind these is that Mr. Lunt has drawn these himself for his own little popsicle stick theater show that he does on Bob the Tomato’s door step.



This poor fellow is a short necked giraffe. He gets laughed at by all the other giraffes. 🙁










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Darn that Mr. Lunt. He always get the girls.

these are great, love the short necked giraffe. but so sad. YOU WIN!!

I am blown away again. Your character dev. is awesome. Short necked giraffe? Genius! And the mechanical bird? Sweeeeet! I am digging this cartoon stuff big time. BTW: your dgeeks entry for Harry was colorful and way fun. I wish I checked your blog sooner. I would have tried to see the Vegtoon this am. Is it on next week too? Also, being new to dgeeks, I wasn’t sure if the Harry Octopotterpus I did for IllustrationFriday would have been too much of a stretch. Could you check my blog and tell me if it would have been okay? Thanks man.

Hey Jim, Chris and Doug, Thanks! Jim, Harry Octo would totally fit on DG. In fact, I think you should submit it and they’ll put it up late. Go for it!

the hippos are cool

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