Ooo, ooo, ooo, lookit the monkey.

This was a character I developed for a healthy snack type treat for the Canadian equivalent of Hostess. His name is Igor. Not only was he used for the packaging and displays, but they actually made the little cake in an Igor shape as well. I have finally made the it to the confectionary height of 3d illustration!  And it only took me 15 years!  The closest I’ve come to this in the past was a GIANT illustration of a cream filled, golden snack cake, that was printed wall sized and put in the lobby of an ad agency in Seattle.

+ © owned by Saputo Bakery, Inc.

Anyway, here’s some of the steps involved in creating Igor.

First some various alternate sketches of Igor.

After getting a final sketch approval I started building Igor in wireframe. So wirey, so framey.

Then I textured/colored him. Nothing fancy at all in his texturing. The client wanted him to look sort of like he was made of clay, so that was the goal. Sometimes goals are good.

Then I rigged him. Yep. Rigged. I put a skeletal system into him so I could put him into his final pose.

And here’s the final pose, rendered and lit. Click for some zoom action.

+ © owned by Saputo Bakery, Inc.

In a few days I’ll post a step by step of a full illustration I did with him, background and everything. It’s even got leaves!

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Nice! I hope you post a picture of the snack cake too… cause that’s pretty cool! As a Canadian, I’m curious to know what company. I thought we had Hostess there… although I get so mixed up now that I live in the states. But as Canadian snack foods go, I highly recommend eating some Ketchup chips and Cheerio snacks if you ever get the chance. Yum! Ooo, and chocolate Smarties too.

Ha, I don’t have an actual picture of the cake yet, but I do have the design of the mold I did, so I’ll have to post that. The client was Vachon, make of the Passion Flakie!

Speaking of things like Ketchup chips, have you seen my Kookychow website? Check it out. If you can think of any absurdly Canadian non perishable food items that should be featured there, let me know!


Ha ha! That’s hilarious (and gross!) I’ll keep my eye open for weird Canadian treats when I next go home 🙂

Great Blog….I really like the monkey. Awesome!

hey!! the monkey sketch is well cute =]

just thought id say haha!!

allie …. x

hahah, i saw these igor things:D
there pretty good!

Hi, this monkey is really awesome. I’d like to talk to you about some more different versions of monkey. I really need them.
please do e-mail me at

how do you do this stuff its sooooooo cooooool i wish icould do that the monkey is reallllly kool!!!!!!!!!!1!
(likeME) this is soo tottaly awesome. can you teach me how to do this!!!!!?!??!?!?!?

dis is sooo cool and raticall…
no really wtf is this i want to now how to do this soooo bad is there away to teach me to

Hmmmmmmmm great monkey’s i hve just drew ‘Em All Hhaha

the art is unic and butieful i love the charector cooooooooool. you head ite.

i love it.but i guess you put this comment part beacuse you want to hear some critics about here it goes;
1.i think foot and hands might be looking much better if they r thinner and maybe more cartoony
2.more control over the verticles around mouth_lips..there practical methods to do can search on the net. put 6 bones in an arm if you put two, would work better and it woud be easy for the computer to calculate the movements and skin it too.

p.s i wouldn’t do better than that..i love it.breadwig logo, i will copy it by the way.there r songs lift my mood.the logo will be picture version of’s great..
i wish you a good luck.
thank you very much.

I really like the sketch:) i used the monkey for art and the teacher liked the drawing:)

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