Monkeys need leaves.

Here’s the full illustration of Igor the monkey, as well as some of the riveting steps involved with the creation of the background.

+ © owned by Saputo Bakery, Inc.

First I sketched me some greenery and grassy bits.

Next I made the very back layer. I created the grass in Maya and then blurred the beegeebers out of it using Photoshop’s lens blur filter.

Here’s Igor in front of the background. I just plopped him down in Photoshop.

Then I modeled and rendered the midground leaves in Maya and dropped them between Igor and the blurry grass. Now it’s starting to feel like a scene!

Next I built the foreground leaves in 3d, and also rendered a shadow pass for all the leaves. I then dumped those into the photoshop file. The shadows really helped ground all those elements.

Then I pulled out the old lens blur filter again and did some assertive, yet mild blurring of the midground leaves for some depth. I may not be deep, but that doesn’t mean my illustrations have to be shallow!

Next I rendered a fog layer in Maya, and made it blue in Photoshop to help Igor and other foreground elements stand out even more. The warm colors, they’re in your face, but the blues, ahhh the blues. They just settle into the background and soothe those tired peepers.

And finally I modeled and rendered the logo and lowered that gently into place. Kachunk!

+ © owned by Saputo Bakery, Inc.

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Cool… as always seeing your step by step process is

Cool… as always seeing your step by step process is so interesting. I’m probably going home to Canada for a visit sometime in December, will it be out then?

Hey Sarah, I think it should be out by then, in fact if you see it, snag me one! Ha! They were supposed to be out by late this summer I thought, but who knows with these things. I’ll try and remember to post the design for the cake mold I did too.

Congrats bro! Man, that is a sweet package of sweets. Why…that package is so good, I would buy dem cakes even if they wuz filled with artificially flavored beet juice. I know nothing about 3D and it amazes me. Your monkey makes me want to play Donkey Kong for some reason. BTW: Drawergeeks got is currently featured on Drawn! We famous. Whatcha gonna do with all your riches? Haaaaa!

Artificially flavored beet juice is probably better than what’s in most snack cakes. Jim, I could totally see your characters in 3d!

You should send that Drawn link to Greg, I bet he’d get a kick out of it.

Love it, love it. I agree with Jim, I would buy that just for the packaging alone. When you were in the student’s chair would you have believed that you would be teaching and demonstrating? Your work has always stood out. Congrats and keep on doin’ that voodoo.

This is fantastic! The colors reach out to me and say… “Buy a cake!”
Great character. Tasty work my friend.

Cute as Hell….

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