The 3D Sculpting of Taterhead Jones

Well, here’s my first attempt at high polygonal count brush based 3d sculpting. Basically that means I’m building the 3d model using tools that are much more like modeling with clay.  It was fun and I’m going to start working it more into my work. Click on the picture for a zoom, and click on “more” for a few more making of images.

Here’s how the original basic box shape I started with. 

And here’s a shaded version of the nose area after I sculpted it.

I’ve never worked with high poly count models before, as I’ve always been a nurbs and subdivision guy, but I was surprised at how well Maya handled all these polygons once I brought the model back into Maya. You can see how dense the mesh got. I need to start playing around with importing displacement maps into Maya for this, because then it will only be generating these complex meshes at render time.

 And here’s the final rendered version again. Anyway, it was a fun exercise, and I plan on doing a lot more brush based sculpting in the future.

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wow that’s awesome!!!

Hey thanks Mike.

Fantastic! I love it and look forward to seeing more. Was the sculpting done in ZBrush? And could you please, if you don’t mind, describe a little about how the rendering was done. I love how nice your renders are. I’m a noobie at Maya and have been interested in learning ZBrush too. I just love your style and would like to learn more about the “how it’s done aspect” of it all.
Thanks, and keep up the inspiring work.

Hey Bert,

The sculpting was actually done in the mudbox beta (can’t wait for that program to be released). I just haven’t been able to really jive on Zbrush’s weirdo interface. I must be too old and stuck in my ways. I have to say though, the new version of Silo is looking very very cool. And the price can’t be beat.

I like the idea of going into more depth on rendering, I’ll try and do that in a future post very soon!

Thanks Bryan. I’ve played with ZBrush a tiny tiny bit and you are correct about the odd interface. I’ll have to check out mudbox (I’ve never heard of it). I look forward to more in depth rendering details. Keep doing what you’re doing man, it’s fantastic. I’ll be checking in often.

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