I was just playing around with an idea for a new technique for me, where I layer a bunch of old photographs and then using layer masks slowly reveal different parts of the illustration until it’s a complete image. Read on to see some, well, more.

After layering a bunch of photos and adding a mask to each layer, I start erasing the layers one at a time.

I just continue this process as the image slowly reveals itself.

I wonder if subconsciously, even though the main forms of the pictures have been layered and obscured, if we still react to them back in the recesses of ourselves.

As the layers increase, so does the weight coalescing around the little nameless fellow.

As the forms in the image become more concrete, the photos they are made up of become more muddled and textured.

Painting in the mask for a more bluish photo adds some depth and atmosphere.

Computer graphics are so yin and yang. On one hand, they can easily dictate to the artist what the art will look like. On the other hand the possiblities for experimentation are endless, if you’re willing to push the computer around, and let the spirit of your art be driven by you, not the box.

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really really good stuff. love the textures that you have been able to produce, and really great color. This piece is a wonderful new direction. You are so good.

Yes, you are so very good.
This is a really unique approach.
And it looks awesome!
You know I am a fan.


wow, nice process. i’m impressed by even thinking of this kind of technique, nontheless managing to make it look so cool. I totally feel the breathing in the neck from this.

Thanks folks. Experimentation is so fun. I just wish someone would pay me for it. Or maybe that would ruin it. Oh well. 🙂

The final product looks really cool. It kinda looks like water colors.

wow. im really really liking this picture. unfortunately I found this pic floating around hot-linked or stolen or whatever. But luckily it was signed so I followed it to here and now I’ve been looking at all your collections of art and I love it! This pic has been a favorite of mine for so long, I even had it as my wallpaper for about a month!! Now I see the depth and layers and the girl! I never even noticed her before! Wow.

Hey thanks Ryan. I appreciate the comments!!!

you’re welcome, not trouble. I lost my best friend to suicide last August and this picture was found shortly after and it just made me so sad because I feel like its just such a great depiction of how life can seem sometimes. The child in the background makes it so much more meaningful, is that your child? None of my business. Wonderful picture.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Yeah, life is dark sometimes, no doubt. This was composed/created using a bunch of vintage photographs from my family going way way back.

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