These were some character designs for a friend’s children’s book. Sharpies, they are my best friend…



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Freaking brilliant…where can I buy a copy of that book?

I really like these characters. I like all of your stuff really. I`m glad I found your site through Phil Vischer`s site. I actually want to study illustration so it`s cool to see you`re stuff. It encourages me to keep at it.

Thanks Cristina! Definitely keep at it!

One question, how to you get your sharpies to look so vibrant. I color with sharpies but it never turns out the way it does for you. Just curious.

Hey Cristina, I do my sharpie drawings and then scan them into the computer, and crisp them up some and then paint behind them in a program called Painter. I particularly like the artist’s oils brushes in that program.

Thanks Bryan!

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