Hulk like striped leggings

Wow, holidays sure take a toll on the old blog action. Anyways, here’s an illustration I did of The Hulk. Click on the orange “more” link to some exploration sketches, etc.

My first sketch was just too ogre-ish. Plus, there’s just something not right about that doo.

Next I tried a kid hulk. That felt like it was going nowhere too. At least you could set a drink on his head though.

Don’t ask.

Ahhh, now we’re getting somewhere. Not exactly sure where, but somewhere definitely.

But he needed some sort of garb. Something that said “I’m the Hulk darn it, me smash!” So striped leggings, pointy slippers and circus pants, here we come!

Then I brought the sketch into Painter and using sponge brushes, colored underneath the sketch.

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me mike like hulk. mike like star pants too.

is this for something?

it’s good to be back, eh?

thanks Mike! This was just for fun really. It’s good to be back, but I was visiting Vermont over the holidays and boy do I miss it!

I like the cut of this fancy-pants-twinkle-toes-Hulk’s jib. I like the quick kid-hulk sketch too!

very cool. I like all the versions, the pea-headed one is just so different… from everything. Could be a good exploration some day. I would love a pair of those star hulk pants fory my own bad self. Great stuff as always. Why do hulk drawings show up in groups?? I have no idea.

I love it. Especially the “Don’t ask”. Everything is progressing along and all of a sudden his head shrivels up. I cracked up man. And I just know your final got a barber shop reco from the jolly green giant. Thanks for the laughs bro.

This is so awesome! lol

Sarah, Hulk is just another pretty boy.

Doug, yes, if my wife let me, I’d dress like this every day.

Jim, I may to revisit that one sketch, I did it in about 3 seconds to see where it would go. And it went somewhere alright.

Cristina, ha, thanks!

Bryan I was wondering if you would mind doing an interview for my blog. It would be a real treat to interview someone who is doing their art proffesionaly. Anyway, let me know.

I wonder if you could help me out; I hope I’m banging my head against the wall when there is a REALLY simple reason why this is not working for me. I love your style and want to color one of my sketches that I’ve scanned using the same technique that you have with the hulk in Painter. I’m only able to color over the lines, not under them as you have done. Can you think of what I might be doing wrong? I’ve tried different layers (the color is not visible on the drawing, only on the layer) and adjusting the opacity–that doesn’t seem like the answer either. It is a matter of how I open the drawing? Aaargh! I don’t know if you can help, but I’d appreciate it if you can. I’ve searched everywhere to try and find an answer on my own!

Hi Michele. Put your sketch on a layer above the canvas/background. Change it’s layer setting from “Default” to “Gel” or “Multiply”. Now you should be able to paint beneath your drawing on the background layer. If you can do the same thing in Photoshop using the “Multiply” setting. Let me know how it goes!


Thank you SO much for your help! It worked like a charm. Now I just have to practice! You can see my first attempt at
Thanks again, and I like your new layout for breadwig. Very nice!

Yup, you got it working alright! Rock on.

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