Just one more bite….mmmmmph

Snow White was the theme for the latest Drawergeeks. I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking here other than I was sort of wondering what it would be like if Snow White was lounging around at home. You know, watching TV, snacking on her new box of mail order apples, not being able to stop…  Click on the orange “more” to see some step by step stuffies. And click on the image for some zoomin’ akshun!
First came the line work. Just sharpie on copier paper.
After scanning that in, I applied a gessoed canvas texture in Painter to just the line work, and then smushed the line work around some with some finishing brushes in Photoshop.
Then I started painting underneath the lines with some artist oil brushes in Painter.
And here’s the final image again. I also did a little color correction back in Photoshop as well. And remember, click’n zoom!

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I love this. I can hear her tummy grummbling from my house. Although the condition of her room… makes me flashback to days of my own past. ewwwww what is in this glass?????

Wow, I’ve had a severe flare-up of my diverticulitis over the last week, and this feels all too familiar – laying around with extreme abdominal pain, playing guitar when I can, reading, on the PC when I just have to get up. (My apartment is a lot cleaner than that, though.)

I never thought a drawing of Snow White would hit so close to home. (I’ve actually sent some friends and family over to DrawerGeeks to check it out.) Good art can connect in odd ways….

Anyways, despite the unpleasant associations, I love this drawing. Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks Doug. And just remember, I’ve seen where you lived in college… 🙂

Tyson, wow, I’m glad you connected with the illustration, sort of. DiverT is no fun at all though. Bleh. So when you have flare ups do you play like Gary Moore, Buckethead, Ty Tabor, or Michael Hedges (like on rootwitch)?

Bryan – hopefully, I play like me – check out my MySpace to hear some of my tunes:


Interesting list of guitarists, by the way. Ty Tabor is a huge influence (although it may not always be obvious) – I was able to get him to master the album I just released, which was really cool.

Hey that rocks Tyson. I love Ty Tabor, he’s one of my favorites. His playing, particularly on Gretchen, is unmatched I think. Fyi, I’m a huge instrumental guitar fan, I could talk guitar players all day long. I particularly liked your tune Acceptance, very nice.

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