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Hey, my Iron Boy illustration got posted on Michael Cho’s Tony Stark art blog, sweet beans!  Check it out along with a bunch of other rockin’ Iron Man art.  http://donheck.blogspot.com/


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Congratulations Bryan! That’s awesome. What a neat Iron Man blog too 🙂

Hey, I know this guy! The 1st time I saw BB art was when I was checking out ispot and your yellow Iron Boy just happened to be featured on the main site. I checked out your blog and commented, then you commented back and after seeing my blog invited me to DG. What a great happenstance that day happened to be. That turned into seeing other great artists like Jeremy, and Sarah. You inspire me all the time my friend. It’s cool seeing Iron Boy in sketch stage.

this is still one of my favorite drawings/3d renderings from you.

This is still one of my favorite pieces. I just love it.

Your interview is up on my site. Great drawing!

Hey Sarah, thanks! Yeah, some really great iron mans on that blog alright.

Jim, thanks dude. I hope someday my blog is half as popular as yours!

Thanks Mike and Doug.

Hey cool Cristina! I can’t wait to see what else you have on your blog.

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