Littered with kitties

I just finished this illustration up for none other than Meow Mix!  Wheee. They commisioned several illustrators to do new versions of their character. Unfortunately mine didn’t make the final cut, so you won’t be seeing it on any bags of kitty chow anytime soon. But it was fun to make anyways. Click the orange MORE to see some sketches and modeling extras!



Here’s several of the first round of rejected sketches. Above all they wanted the head to form a letter “M” as it would be the first letter in the brand name Meow Mix. 



Here’s the final sketch they settled on.



So, since this was a rush job, I jumped in an started doing the rough boxy modeling of the cat head.



Then I added the eyes and various other facial accoutrement. Oui!



Then I, yes, I can’t help it, must resist…awww nuts. Yes, I skinned the cat.



That gave me the UV map that I needed to create his texture map.



And here’s the final again.


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He`s cute! 😉

Great site and lovely works. Cool to see the process on this guy. Turned out great, surprised they didnt use it

It was not selected, however it’s very beautiful. I like it much ;o)

o admire your work
do you have an acount on DA?

Hi Schlomit, thanks for the nice words. I don’t have a DA account. Should I?

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