Modeling for beans.


So,, (they sell some of my t-shirt designs), decided they want to show examples of people actually wearing their shirts on their website. Well, I’ve been told I have a certain “quality” and I’ve done 3d computer modeling, so why not apparel modeling? Plus, I have my own camera! So I went ahead and took some shots of myself wearing one of my shirts. Needless to say, Pantelope turned my model shots down. Oh well. Feel free to send them an email voicing support for my new foray into the world of glamour and fashion. Click for the pics.



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I especially like the hair…er…ah…style.
I dunno though.
If you really want to sell shirts??
Maybe not.
As a model, you make a really good illustrator.
If ya know what I mean.
Thanks for my first laugh of the week.

Whadyya mean they rejected you? Don’t they know anything about the people who’d buy such a T-shrit?
That’s the face of someone who, who, who should be discovered!

Barbara..hahaha.. very true…

Though you can`t even see the full shirt… The light though looks really cool. lol


…I didnt know spaghetti gave you gas… it like cabbage spaghetti?
Nice T-shirt tho 🙂
sharon lane holm

Mary, I’m hoping to set a new trend with that doo. Believe it or not, it’s very low maintenance.

Barbara, I know, I couldn’t believe they didn’t want to plaster my rugged mug all over their website. Sheesh.

Cristina, Yeah, I lucked out, there was nice light coming in thru the window. It really helps capture the glow of intensity in my eyes. 🙂

Janee, yes, mmmmmmm.

Sharon, eaten with enough speed and determination, many things can turn up the churn.

Some fine modelling, Mr. Ballinger. I think my personal favorite is the one where you are wiping your nose. Fine t-shirt too!

Snap! If I knew you so uppity up with the looks, I would surely have been too intimidated to blog with you. Yes, Sarah, the nose shot is premium. Looks like you are storing pasta in the ole nasal duct for leaner times. I needed this one bro. Hahaha!

As fine photographic art, I love them. Not sure they’d make me want to buy a shirt, though…

Since I shave my head, I think I’m probably technically disqualified from commenting on the hair.

Oh, GREAT, Bryan, thanks so much for making me laughing! How sidesplitting and I am sure quite a few would LOVE to buy your T-shirts! You also made facial expressions very animated and visual that are very well done, too.

OOps, err, I actually meant to say “T-shirts” in my previous comment!!! YIKES! blush

Ha! Thanks for the comments on my blog Pam. FYI, I fixed the spelling. 🙂 No blushing needed!

Thanks Sarah, it’s a gift I suppose. 🙂

Jim, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Tyson, if you ever decide to grow your hair back, let me know and I’ll give you some styling tips.

Not bad, Bryan. But I won’t be happy in life until you get a flat-top proper.

Don’t do it Tyson! We head shavers will never bow the man with the hairy plan. Down with your high brow hairyness!

I’ll have to agree, No doubt these pictures were rejected due to the failure to fully display of the T-Shirt Art.
and further no appropriate captions were provided, ………… so here are a few of my own.

Number 1. Did I remember the “Beano” before my first bite?
Number 2. Wonder how long this spaghetti was in the cupboard?
Number 3. Yep, that pasta has been around for a while!
Number 4. OK, guess, ……Am I taking this out or putting it in?
Number 5. What’s that smell?
Number 6. Ya know! I don’t remember …….are there onions in this?
Number 7. Several days now of eating this, and ………. it’s still not bad.
Number 8. You know I just thought of the fact that Jupiter is a Gas Giant.
Number 9. No doubt that Uranus holds a lot of gas too?
Number 10. Wonder if those Planetary Gasses were stinky?
Number 11. I could make my own version of “Super Size Me” called “Alternative Gas”!
Number 12. One more greasy bite.
Number 13. Let’s see, do I want the Lemon or the Cherry Maalox?

Mike….you crack me up! hahaha

Talking about pictures, I saw your proffesor picture at the college`s website. I was googling for colleges with art programs and somehow came across the one that you work at. I must say very interesting picture. If I was a student I would so take that class just cause of your modeling skills. 😉

they turned those down!! ARE THEY CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

I can’t believe I know this guy.

PB3, Yeah, a flat top would be even less upkeep. And I could balance a drink on my lumpy head finally, after all these years.

Jim, I’m sensing a subtle theme of getting me to cut my hair. I think you are all jealous of my shimmery locks.

Mike S., you are a nut. That’s a good thing.

Cristina, For some reason the college hasn’t asked to take my picture ever again. Hmmmm.

Mike M., they are crazy! I will not rest until those pictures are used to sell something!

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