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I thought I’d sketch some dogs. No reason not to. Click on “more” for, ummm, lots more!


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I like the second one the most! 😉

Oh man! you gots to get some in color. Cristina’s pick is good. Kind of has a snoopy thing going. I loooovvve the 3rd one down because it is deranged and I can relate to deranged right now. Man, life can be weird at times. Great stuff bro. Keep it coming.

Second one for sure!

me likes the last one, and the sixth from last one (just below the turbot-eyes tongue-out one). fun stuff!

Wow, and my favorite is the third from the last one. Shows how much I know.

i love your drawings!!! 🙂 especially the ones you do on the computer… do you use photoshop? your penguins are totally adorable! (do you mind if i use your penguin hot chocolate as my desktop background? i love it!) I’m TRYING to learn photoshop… to no avail. 😛 oh well…

Hey thanks Cat Luvr. I use photoshop, painter, and Maya for all my computer illustrations. Feel free to use my penguin picture as your background!

I absolutely love the third one and the seventh one! Brilliant, man.

Thanks Joana. The seventh one is my daughter’s favorite too. You have good taste. 🙂

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