Hey, I got a mention over at the super cool site SandboxWorld, check it out!

Wow, it’s sure been cold here, and snowy! So I figured this illustration was appropo. Or is it apropoe?  Approwpo? Whatever. This is an illustration from a picture book I illustrated called Hot Chocolate For Sale. In a bit I’m planning on posting some step by step stuff on one of the illustrations from the book, so stay tuned. Or is it tooned? Twoond?  Whatever.


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You`ve got skills!! lol I love it. It`s so cute!

Mmm, this makes me want to heat up some hot chocolate. I love that you chose to make the penguin purple 🙂

congrats, bryan! and this illustration is awesome. i just love your 3d skills.

Hey Christina, Skills just like Napoleon!

Thanks Sara, yeah, I like purple penguins.

Hey Thanks Mike, and congrats on the new book coming out!

Bryan, exacly! Girls like guys with skills! Just ask your wife 😉

So that’s how they stay thawed out up there.

How does the penguin keep the hot chocolate warm out there in the middle of the cold? He’s so adorible though! Have you ever made buttons? (like the kind you pin on, not the kind that keep your pants up)

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