Round and round and round

 I wanted to try a quicktime movie in a post, so this is just a test. Click the image to see the caveman twirl. Wheeeeeeeeee!

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For my blog I use vPIP:

It uses Javascript so that the Quicktime (or Flash, or Winmedia…) plugin is only loaded when needed, that is when the user click on an item (a JPEG image or just some text) to play the movie. A second click closes the plugin and shows the JPEG image (or the text) again.
That’s very useful, because Apple Quicktime for PC is a very buggy piece of software, and having too much threads opened at the same time often causes the browser to crash.
Also, the vPIP script works with non Apple plugins (such as VideoLan) that don’t have support for special Quicktime options.

Works on this end. Looks cool. Hope he doesn’t get dizzy easily…

thanks Dek, I’ll definitely check that out. Your site rocks.

Thanks Chris!

He looks like he`s in a microwave! lol

Ha, yeah, it does look like he’s getting cooked. Or at least defrosted.

hahaha Poor cave man 🙂

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