Piggie goes Grrrrr

For the latest Drawergeeks. The topic was “Grrrrr Face”. So naturally I thought of a pig.  Click on “more” for some nifty making of stuff, including the super exciting piggie grrr face sketch!



First came the sketch. He’s peeved, no doubt.



Next I boxy modeled the head. It actually looks kind of cool this way.



Then I smoothed it and started adding detail. Furrow them brows!



Then I built the rest of his body and teeth. I just wanted to show everything except his head, cuz it looks funny.



And here’s the final Grrrr, with texturing and lighting.




Blog Comments

sigh. there you go again. being awesome.

He`s funny! lol

ha, thanks Mike. I finished this at 2:00 a.m., barely got it in on time.

Thanks Cristina!

bloody brilliant….and I really like the boxy head model too!

I’m glad Greg put this first because it is my favorite. I love the pink smooth clay like face. You have such a great cartoon style bro. I got mine in 1 1/2 hours late. I was up till 1:00 and I couldn’t get it where I wanted it so I messed around with it in the morning and still didn’t make it. Things are crazy now.

thanks Paul. Yeah, you know, I like that boxy model, it’s kinda cubist or something.

Awwww man, Jim dude, I wanna see your grrrr face. Can you plop it onto your blog?

Oh man, this may be my favorite creation of yours to date. His expression is just fantastic.

Hey Josh, that means a lot dude. Thanks man.

I like the lumpiness of the forehead… lol

I PIGGED OUT with your captivating creation! ~ Pam ;^>

I like his teeth, they look like piano keys!

Oh my goodness! I am Google Imaging piggie, and look who shows up! That pretty much makes my day! I hope your piggie’s day gets better, though…

Ha, awesome!

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