Cocoa Indifference

As promised here’s a little of my process from another illustration I did for the children’s book Hot Chocolate for Sale. Click the orange “more”.

First a quick sketch.

Next some quick 3d models.

Then some quick texturing and lighting.

And a quick depth render.

Followed by some quick depth blurring and atmosphere.

Finally some quick falling white stuff. Man, this took forever.


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Awww, I love these pinguins! They look very original and cute 😉 . Nice job. I like the warm smokey air coming from the hot chococalte.


I love the little striped cone hat. Thanks for sharing your process. It always intrigues me even though I don’t know diddley jack about 3D software.

So cute! Now I want some hot chocolate 🙂 Very very nice Bryan.

Thanks Cristina. It was a fun book.

Mike, well, quick is a relative term. Like Uncle.

Jim, thanks. You know, those stripey cone hats fit penguins and baldies really well.

Sarah, thanks! The real question is, do you want a purple penguin!

Oh I want a purple pinguin!!!! *jumps up and down* lol

So cute and I am forwarding this to my 5 years old granddaughter who loves penguins! ~ Pam ;^>

Thanks to share with us your process !
The final illustration is gorgeous 🙂

I want to learn how!!
Its so cute, Bryan. 😀 There’s just something about pinguins. 🙂

Why is the angry penguin so mad at our friend the hotchocolate seller? Do penguins have ears?

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