Dogs and Robots, two of my favorite things. No, no, that’s not my third favorite thing. Keep reading for sketches, models and process.

First the sketch. Yeah, I know, me no sketch too good. But it gets the idea across and let’s me know where I want to go, instead of letting the computer push me around. Computer’s are bullies if you don’t stand up to them with a sketch.

Here’s our investigative pooch in wireframe.

And here’s the model shaded. I model right over my sketches a lot of the time to help me keep the spirit of my crappy, but humanly flawed sketches.

If you’re super curious, click here for a list of all the different little pieces that are in this scene.

Here’s one of the mental ray shaders I used for his paint. So nice an flecky. Bela would be proud.

Here’s all the shaders in the scene. Looks like I didn’t clean them up too good, there’s still some red ones from when I had his tail light glowing red. I liked the red light because it was like a little sensor going off on a metal detector, but it brought too much visual attention to itself, away from the focus of the illustration.

I wanted some really nice lighting and reflections for this puppy, since he is so shiny and all. So, as the base for my lighting, I used a high dynamic range image of a light probe that I took in my mother’s upstairs hallway with all the lights off except in one room.

And then a depth render so I could make his hiney more blurry because it’s further away from the camera.

And plop! There you have it.

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jeeeez, man! this is one of the best things you’ve ever done! your process made me decide i will just leave this type of work to the geniuses like yourself.

Ha, thanks Mike. Trust me, I’m on the low end of the totem when it comes to the guys who really know their 3d stuff. I’m a hack, I’m a hack, I’m a hack hack hack.

My god Bryan…I’m amazed at how much I like your work. I’m grinning from ear to ear looking at your dog, and those pinguins just make me want to have some hot Chocolate.
I also saw your Supergirl post, and burst out a laugh at it. You are such an awesome and inspiring artist!

Dude! The 3D process looks a bit confusing to me, but that`s what happens to people who don`t know squat about animation :). I really like the shininess of the dog, its cool. May I ask, is that doggy poop? lol

Hey Pascal, you’re too kind. Thanks tho! I really liked your super girl as well, very nice. And your jazzy illo, whoa!

Cristina, hmmm, well, ummmm…, you see, all I can say is my inspiration was my two big dogs and our small fenced in back yard….

Bryan, I believe that this piece is one of my very favorites. Funny how often I say that in reference to your work. Conceptually this is grand, technically, it is superior. If you don’t enter this into Society of Ill. or Communication Arts, you are mad.

I am blown away! This art is hotter than fresh hardware dropping. Ewwww. ;OP

Doug, thanks man. At your prompting, I just entered it into the American Illustration comp. Society of Ill, Comm arts, American Ill, etc. tend to like stuff that’s a little more highbrow though I think. Worth a shot tho.

Jim, ha! I was thinking of name this piece Hot Lead and Cold Feet. 🙂

Bryan, it’s so awesomely amazing and incredible, and I also enjoy all of your other ones!

Thank you for sharing this link with me and I am going to forward this to my daughter and my son as I know both my grandsons would enjoy your art images!

Keep ’em rolling in!

All the Best,

Well Bryan, as they say in today`s politically correct world,”It`s not poop, it`s art!” lol We can always count on man`s best friend to inspire us.

I smell greatness.

My kids really like it too! 🙂

Awesome Bryan! I love the sparkly purple bits and how his belly is squishy. That’s a crazy peek at your outliner too. My goodness.

Also. All the survelliance equipment is hysterical. Dogs really doo (sorry) get into accumulating data through thier noses. It’s disgusting at times but very funny. Your attention to that canine detail is what makes this more than just a pretty picture.

Thanks Pam! Let me know what your grandsons think! 🙂

Cristina, yep, man’s best friend indeed. Too bad they can’t clean up after themselves, but oh well, they’re still awesome.

Yance, yeah, greatness, that’s what you smell. Ha.

Thanks Sarah, I’m just glad I didn’t have to build as many robots as Mike M. had in his. Yowza, outliner overflow.

Ha, thanks Jim. My mother always refers to it as the dogs checking their pee mail.

A fabulous pic and work !!!

Ai chihuahua!!
I found this while googling “robot dog” for a few ideas for a character I’ve been doing, and now I’m just like… “Wow :O”

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