You want to look away, but…

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This actually makes me want to go home and clean my tub. Squirt! Die mold, like the scum that you are! The universe will sparkle yet again and be a better place for all who dwell therein. Who whoulda thought that cleaning could be so dang exciting? Gee thanks Ned.

Wow….jim is getting a bit too excited about this. lol I`m just teasing you Jim! 😉

Obviously, Ms. Irazarry Santiago hasn’t tasted the joys of bacterial annihilation. 😛

lol. Atleast not the way you have! 😉

Jim and I clearly have an appreciation for the finer things.

Oh yes, I`m sure. lol I just feel like you guys have been living the life and I`ve been totally missing out. Is there a bacterial annihilation club that you two have been going to or is it like a secrete society. *whispering* Cause if it is I want to join *stops whispering* 😉 lol

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