Captain A-Okay.

Here’s my take on good Ol’ Cap. Just posted to this meme.  I tried a new technique here where I layered a bunch of newspaper scans in photoshop and slowly unpainted the Capless parts.  Read on for some nifty process stuff.

Here’s some close up images of the illustration so you can see all the layering going on. Just for fun, try and see how many words you can still recogize.

And here’s a little animated gif of the process. You might hafta wait a sec for it to load. But I know you can. You’re stallwart, you’ve got nerves of steel and the constitution of a bronze horse from Wilconshire named Darby.

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wow! cool effect.

I’d love to see a step-by-step on how you put this together. It looks fantastic.

Thanks Mike and Kelvin. I have a couple other pieces that I’ve used similar techniques on, I’ll try and post more detailed step by step stuff when I get the chance, good idea!

Bro! I swear that 3 or 4 weeks ago, I picked up a soggy freebee rolled up newspaper from my driveway and loved it so much that I went to my studio and scanned it so I could use it for background textures yet to be utilized. Scarrryness abounds.

Jim man, you are scaring me. Next thing you’re gonna be telling me you no matter how you try, you just can’t draw your characters with symmetrical eyes.

Please hum the Twilight Zone song now.

I think it looks flipping awesome!!!

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