Old Spaghetti

Well, the Old Spaghetti Factory that is. This is a freelance job I did recently. It’s a menu cover for the Old Spaghetti Factory chain of restaurants. Click on “more” for a little making of info.

I actually didn’t design this menu, my friend and designer Mark Frankel did. I just did the illustration. I started by modeling the leading. I started with a simple cube primitive and extruded the faces. Woo Hoo!

then in Painter, I painted the color map for the glass.

Then I lit and rendered the leading.

and finally I mapped the color map onto a plane in Maya, created a transluscent material and a glassy bump map, turned on some caustics, created a reflection map, turned on visible lighting, turned on some glow, added some soft shadows, and rendered the whole thing out.  And there you have it.

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All I can say is: Woah! Cool!!! 😉

This looks great! I love this man.

Oh man, this is beautiful stuff. I’m betting the Old Spagetti Factory is very pleased.

oh, that is so cool. And I used to go to Old Spaghetti Factory in Ohio. We used to eat in the trolly in the middle of the restaurant. I love the trolly you did.

thanks you all.

Doug, I remember going to the OSF in Columbus!

i really dig this ! the design is strong and i like your “painter pass” very much.

the whole thing looks warm and is a terrific combination of 2d and 3d working together.

very well done.


Hey thank Dany. I took a look at your site, very nice drawings, love your cartoony style.

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