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Sorry about the blog lag. I’ve been jammin’ to get my Captain Clod comic done for Parable.  And now it’s finished!  Whew. I’ll be showing some of the finished panels this week. Just a peek. Peek Week.  Wheeeee!

Here’s a close up so you can see the paint texture which will probably never be visible in the finished printed piece. 🙂

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It’s about time you posted something.

What did you use to get the various colors in the grass? Did you start with a base green and then paint over it with other greens, or did you clone paint over a picture of grass?

No clone painting my friend. I started with a yellowish background and then sort of daub painted over the top with various greens. I used a wet oily brush in Painter.

Really like this. I am looking forward to seeing the book and everybodies submissions. Love the brushiness.

How do you come up with this fantastic superheroes names??!! Backyard girl is the best! Thanks for the close up on the brushes too! It’s always good to learn and see the artist’s process of the painting! b.

this looks awesome. but i already told you that.

now what are you going to do with yourself?

say, that’s right… what are you going to do?

Bruna, I wish I could spend all day coming up with Super Hero names!

Mike and Doug, sheesh I don’t know. There’s a Parable sized hole in my heart now. 🙁

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