The Princess and the P.

For the latest Drawergeeks. Click the image for a bigger version. Click “more” for a little step by step.

First I did the line work with a sharpie pen. I’ve also got a custom photoshop brush that looks just like a sharpie that I use for touch ups on the line work.

Next I plopped in an orange background to paint over.

Then I painted in the color in Painter. I used the latest version of Painter with it’s new true bristles, and I was kind of underwhelmed with them. I found them pokey and less expressive than other Painter brushes. Oh well

And here’s the final again.

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nice…looks like the ewok is just playing it cool, waiting for a chance to escape.

Interesting with the bright orange background, very cool. I so want an ewok on a leash! Ha!

The orange background gives a feel of a warm sunset on the scene! very beautiful artwork!!! Leia’s hair is the best!!! I wish I had an ewok-pet too… bruna

haha! only you, bryan. only you…


jeremy, yeah, I think if the Leia loosens her grip, her little pet is gonzo.

Thanks Sarah. I’m not sure why I picked orange, other than it’s my favorite color I guess. Ewoks should always be leashed I think.

Hey Bruna, thanks!

And thanks Mike, I think. 🙂

poor R2-D2.

Very cool. I love looking at the process of how you did the art work, it helps me to learn new things. I found it really cool how you used an orange background, it made it come out even cooler. 😉 Okay… I`m done. lol

Josh, R2 never got along with the woks.

Thanks Cristina!

you win, man… you always win. I can always count on you to take subjects and just come up with the “Bryan” solution. Always have always will. I am always better for seeing your work.

I love her hair. It looks like cinnamon danish. Yummmm.

Thanks Doug, too kind, you’re far too kind.

Soft and chewy Jim, mmmmmm.

You what, because of Jim`s cinnamon dinish comment, I thought to myself how would DoughBoy look if Bryan drew him. I think it would be really funny. Okay…maybe it`s lame (but he`s so cute)! Whatever…. lol

Man, the doughboy should be the subject of the next drawer geeks, that would rock.

YAY for me and my imagination! 😉

Since I already have a doughboy done I think DrawerGeeks doing him would be most convenient. If you check out my blog, you’ll see that mine isn’t so cute when he gets angry. Bryan, you have to do a doughboy. Chrisina is correct in saying that it would be funny. And I will add, delicous, educational and sweeeeeet.

I feel like I’m back in Huntington already… sigh

Oh I meant to ask. How does it feel to be doing animation for Big Idea again. I read the HU article on you and the other proffeser being asked to do some animation for the TV shows. That`s so cool! My dream is to work at Big Idea when I graduate. Who knows if I`ll ever get to do it. I just want to make and impact with my talents you know…. Well anyway…yeah, you and Big Idea again…awesome. 😉

Yeah, the projects for NBC were really really fun. I actually did the work through Phil Vischer’s new company Jellyfish ( We’re actually going to be doing some more work for Phil for a new series thing that looks just as fun. Another cool thing is that two of my students landed internships with Phil this summer, I’m very proud of them.

If you haven’t, I highly recommend reading Phil’s book on his journey with Big Idea called Me Myself and Bob. It’s facinating and it’s a real inside look at Big Idea and Phil.

Oh man… those students are so lucky! I really want to read the book. I`m waiting to see when I can get it. I know it will help me a lot to understand how Big Idea and that type of industry work.

Oh I was going to ask you this too. Did you do any drawings for the veggie tale tv shows. Cause in of the episodes they had a giraffe who had a short neck and a bunch of other animals; and well they looked like your style of drawing. I was wondering if it had been you who did them.

I did do those! I need to post those soon, I did all the drawings for the little cutout animal puppet show segments.

Dude…. I KNEW IT!!! lol I was like, ” That little giraffe looks so cute, and something Bryan would have drawn.” I knew it had to be you. 😉

I knew ewoks were the little stinkers, I have never really liked them that much and this proves it, ha ha, although the one in this drawing is pretty darn cute! I may even change my mind about those little fuzzy things. 🙂

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