Posted by | May 31, 2007
American Illustration 26

Hey, I got into the web gallery for the American Illustration 26 competition. It's a very nice honor.  You can see it HERE, along with a ton of other amazing illustration...

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Posted by | May 29, 2007
Grackle me this

Hey, Jeremy Knoll is running a Grackle meme over at the hudma site.  Basically he's just asking for a cartoon based on your interpretation of the word "grackle". Check it...

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Posted by | May 27, 2007
bots and sharpies

A few more robots culled from the pile on my desk.  On a semi-related note, I am trying some different markers. I've always been a Sharpie-boy, but I'm trying some...

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Posted by | May 24, 2007

This week's drawergeeks was Indiana Jones. Since I've been sketching so many robots lately, I figured, why not? Keep reading for a bunch of step by step stuff. First came...

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Posted by | May 23, 2007
I like robots.

I've been on a robot kick lately too. Here's a few, with more to come.

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Posted by | May 19, 2007
decisions decisions

This is an oldie, but I still kinda like it.  Actually done in Softimage!  Yeah, you heard me.

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Posted by | May 16, 2007
Scwewy Wabbitz

I've been drawing a boat load of rabbits lately, for many reasons, including doing a drawing session with some grade and middle schoolers, as well as working on a freelance...

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Posted by | May 10, 2007
Foaming Care Squares

This is my very first try at a live action short film. It was inspired by the short film Sour Death Balls by Jessica Yu. This was for a former...

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