Foaming Care Squares

This is my very first try at a live action short film. It was inspired by the short film Sour Death Balls by Jessica Yu.

This was for a former student who had to leave the college, so I had her classmates give her well wishes. But first they had to eat this awesome candy that fills your mouth with an intense foam. Good times. The music is by Coconut Monkey Rocket.


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My 17-month old really liked this. It’s the first film he’s ever seen.

Awesome! Just keep him away from the denture tablets.

This film began at a aural and visual plateau and then rose like a launch from Canaveral sending the fireball higher and higher until the explosion by the director himself. I laughed, I cried, and now I want to buy the T-shirt.

I have no idea what that stuff is, but I could somehow taste it’s vileness through cyberspace.;-)

Sweet! (In a manner of speaking) Very compelling! The viewer can’t help but be drawn in as the drama unfolds, anxiously waiting for the next person to come on the screen to see whether this time, maybe this time, a sentence or a few words will be discernable!

Seriously, are you trying to get me to come to HU?! lol This was so funny. You guys are so awesome!!! šŸ™‚

Ha! Thanks for the consumate review Bill.

Karen, yes, trying to talk as your mouth fills with sugary, effervescent foam is the essence of true drama.

Cristina, that’s what I’m here for. šŸ™‚

This is hysterical. Hearing the people laugh off camera adds an element of fellowship, and the more I watch it… the funnier it is. I start laughing at the anticipation of the actions now.

You have undone yourself! You are beyond hypoallergenic. You exceed all expectorations. You have filled me with abdominal cramps and reflux. This IS my tribute to your splashy nova of vidematic nonchalance. Keep up the good work and bring up some of the other stuff, too. As they say in Ketchikan, ā€œIā€™m sick of fishing, anyway.ā€

Glad to be the official supplier of Tiki Candy! This is great.


I threw up in my mouth a little while watching that.

Kinda fitting now that I think of it.
***** 5 stars!!!!


Cool shorty but I would edit the last person out. HEY KEITH!

Hey thanks Doug. At first I was going to have everyone watching be really quiet, but they couldn’t stop laughing as people tried to talk, so I decided, hey, let’s run with it!

Mike, you’re inspiring me to do a sequel, just warning you.

Sarah, yes! New credits will soon reflect your critical contribution! If you hadn’t gone to Switzerland and gotten me these beauties, it never would have happened.

Keith, hopefully now whenever you start to gag and reflux, you’ll think of me.

Todd, thanks trooper, I think of this as my contribution to bringing you and Keith back together again. You can both thank me later.

what is this candy and how can get some to share with my friends?!!!

hilarity, dude! šŸ˜€

Loved the dandelion action.
This is true art.
Thanks for keeping in the loop, Bry-man!

Oh Bryan, Has it come to this? Love, Mom

A question for Sarah: where in Geneva did you get that stuff and what exactly was it called? I’m going to send my cousin to find some (my sister-in-law actually WANTS to try it).

Great film! My kids love it. It is a great apetite supressant!

I got the candy at a the CO-OP checkout line. CO-OP is a huge supermarket chain; they’re all over the place. I’ve also seen them at Migros, another huge supermarket chain. It’s just called Tiki Candy. Look for the goofy fifties-era boy.

Does your cousin live in Geneva?


Thanks Sarah!

Yes, I’m Swiss and my mother’s family mostly live in French-speaking Switzerland. I am thus very familiar with both “la CO-OP” et “le Migros”. I wish I could go over and buy them myself, but that just isn’t in the cards this summer (what with work and a two-year-old hellion). I will send a surrogate instead.

Thanks again for the info and thanks for the laughs!

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