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This is an oldie, but I still kinda like it.  Actually done in Softimage!  Yeah, you heard me.

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This is great! Makes me hungry for some sugary goodness. It`s amazing how inspiring food can be! lol

Or uninspiring, i.e. foaming care squares. 🙂

I’ll definitly go for the red one! it looks really ‘sugary-good’!!! But my advise for the ant: when you have to choose candy, choose them all!
great work Bryan! b.

Thanks Bruna!

True. That pink foamy stuff looked pretty gross, but they make for one funny video! lol Oh, guess what? Big Idea called me last week. I was on cloud nine. 😉 I`ll have more about it in my blog soon.

Lol. I saw the foaming care squares. When my brother saw them he started laughing really hard.

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