bots and sharpies

A few more robots culled from the pile on my desk.  On a semi-related note, I am trying some different markers. I’ve always been a Sharpie-boy, but I’m trying some new “Foray” brand permanent markers with “Super Comfort Grip”.  Mainly cuz they’re cheaper. So far, so not too bad. They bleed a little more than Sharpies, but don’t smell half as noxious. Not that I mind the sharpie fumes, I’ve grown to love them. It’s just that everyone at church knows I’ve started sketching in the middle of the service the minute I pop the top on my doodle stick. The Foray markers on the other hand are much more subtle. They smell like a mild hospital disinfectant mixed with easter egg dye. And heck, that smell could be coming from anywhere. On the other hand a Sharpie, well, nothing smells quite like a Sharpie.

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hahaha That was a pretty funny story. They`re cute!

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