A few more bunnies for the road

I promised more bunnies, I’m sure of it. I won’t scroll down to confirm it, but I think I did. Anyway, here’s some more rabbit doodles.  My next sketching theme (for various reasons) is cows, so stay tuned!

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I happen to like cows! 😉 Anyways, I like the little gotee the second bunny has going on. Those bunnies need some excersice. lol Very cute.

The last bunny is definitly my favourite!!! Poor little fella! I think he needs lots of excersice, some sleep too, probably stay out of the booze, and cut out the drugs won’t hurt either I guess… great bunnies! b.

thanks Cristina and Bruna. Yeah, for some reason, I like tubby bunnies.

That’s pretty hilarious, the bunny with the goatee. 🙂 I just realized yesterday that there are more bunnies than squirrels running around my neighborhood, which is weird and cute at the same time.

Hey which ladies and gents painting did you mean? I may chat withchoo latah! I love the bunnies. In fact, I love all bunnies. I often throw bunny food out so they’ll camp out in our yard more!

Thanks Sarah. We had a lot of bunnies in our yard too, until a fox moved into our woods. Now it’s the bunny parts express.

Hey Jody, I meant the paintings you did for the men’s and women’s loo doors!

Hee hee hee, I used to have a bunny. And then my mom and dad gave it to my cousin, because I was a bad bunny care-taker.
I love the last 2, but I must say that the top one scares me a little bit. Where you going for the rapper look?

I started the furrowed bunny knowing he would have some attitude, and he turned into rapper bunny. 🙂

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