Photos? What are you nuts?

I know I know. But I figured why not. Actually, there’s plenty of reasons why not. But what the hey. I’m going to start posting some of my photography. Here’s one of my recent pics. Click for a bigger version.

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This is great! I assume the foot on the left corner is your? hahaha

what? why are there photos? where are the drawings and 3d-rendered art? i’m so confused….

nice though!

Sheesh. All that talent and he takes great photos too? Life dealt you a creative hand my friend.

Man, I still am not entirely sure what, but there is something immensely captivating about this photo. I love it.

I think what`s so captivating about this picture to me is the connection between the father and daughter. Abviously there is a little girl and a man (AKA Bryan). The photo makes the viewer draw a connection between the two. A tender connection of fatherly love for his daughter. 🙂

Thanks everyone, yeah, that’s my foot and my daughter’s. I’m going to post some more from time to time.

Wow! I love it! How long have you been doing photography?

Thanks Nikki, I’ve just recently started doing photography seriously. I got a digital SLR about 7 months ago, and I love it.

Ai, this photo makes me sad. /:

I really like this photo. Instead of laying out the whole story for you, it invites you to make up your own.

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