More cows than you can shake an udder at.

I’ve been drawing cows all over the post-it notes in my fanny pack recently for a children’s book concept.  Click on “more” to see a whole passle of ’em. If any of these fellows strike your bovine fancy, please let me know.

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I like all of them, but the first one is best. What books have you published so far?

Hey Tyson, I haven’t published a lot of books. Let’s see, the children’s books I have published include Hot Chocolate For Sale, The Great Cheese Squeeze (I also co-wrote this one), Barney The Backhoe Loves to Build, and a couple VeggieTales books. If you click on the purple links here: you can see some of them.

best. post. ever.

They are all cute. This is your mother speaking…

I already did

Wow, mom! You visited my blog! Holy Cow!

Ha ha! These are awesome Bryan. I think the second to last is my favorite. I am going to check out your other books too… 🙂

HEY! BOVINES!!! Mike must be in the clouds right now… I love the last on! but the others are all good too, so I’m not picking any favourites this time… 🙂 b.

Hey, Bryan – I was posting a write-up on Mish on my Two Links blog tonight, and I realized that, while I did a write-up on you a while ago, I never let you know about it. Which is good, ’cause I didn’t do very good job (the post about Mish includes an apology for how weak the one on you was!).

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I’m a fan, and trying to spread the word, even if it’s occasionally written poorly.

Darn WordPress, not letting me preview before I post! The link to the post on Mish (and my update on you) is wrong in the last comment – it should be here. Sorry!

HA HA! You’ve done it. I thought since I moved to Indiana that the species of ‘cow’ was forever ruined in my mind, but you have made them charming once again!
What will the cows be doing in the book?

Hey Sarah, thanks! I really want to do some more books, hopefully I’ll get the chance.

Thanks Bruna! Yeah, I think Mike liked this post a little.

Nikki, I’m glad I was able to charm up the cows, it’s not their fault, they moo where ever they’re told. The book is written by a friend, Charlie Teljeur, and it’s about a cow who wants to fly.

Hey, thanks Tyson, that’s awesome! Wow, I really appreciate it.

Bryan, thanks for the comment on my blog.

Dude…I love the first and last cow. Though I think the first one is my favorite. I love cows!

Here is a little song that honors our little milk-making friends:

I love cows/They make the world go `round/They make a beautiful sound/They go like this/Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo (Repeat, but only 4 Moo`s the last time one says it)

😉 lol

Haha, Bryan – these cows are fantastic. 😀 That second last one looks like a dog! 😛
I gotta say the third last is my fave, just look at its lips/mouth-part. 🙂 I also like the 80’s hairstyle on the last one, maybe that would work on my fave too. Looking forward to see this book! 🙂

Great! So quirky and a perfect transformation of cows into that funny, loveable companion you always wanted them to be. I’m in Wisconsin, and my office just had this Wisconsin themed open house, which meant we did a lot of cow stuff for it. My department, graphics (4 GDs) found out that Wisconsin, mixed up, spells cows in sin, so we made cow posters for the seven deadly sins. It was quite the hit. It’s always fun personifying lust, pride, greed, envy, sloth, wrath and gluttony. 🙂 Perhaps an idea for a sticky-note project?

keep up the good work.

Cristina, I expect to hear an audio clip of that song on your blog soon!

Muffin. Yeah, that one does look like some sort of bizarre pig dog thing. 🙂

Christine, I would love to see those posters! Ha, great idea.

i love the cows, there so cute and u can’t stop looking at them!
-the most one i love is the third one from the top i love her! ………….

-Tessa Evergreen

Hey thanks Tessa! Maybe I’ll turn her into a t-shirt or something. That’d be fun.

I like the first best. I am a BIG fan of cows. I love them all!

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