Vinyl Smoothie Pig

By popular demand, here’s my grunting pig toy design all nice and smoothed out. Smoothed or cubed, he still wants to be your scowling friend.

[flv: 600 450]

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Hate to say it, but smoothed pig is way cooler.
Even Phil agrees with me.

Man! this smoothed pig expression scared the hell out of me! the cubed one didn’t seem so pissed off as this one… but great work, in a kind of demonic possession way. It would be awesome if the toy could turn its head 360!!! Ha.Ha. I stilll want 3 of them! great smoothing!!! b.

Bruna, if the pig could do a 360 with his head I would freak! Wonder if the pig (swine) will jump of a clif…

I`m thinking this isn`t a very good toy for kids. lol

Heh, the unsubdivided version is a little more child safe, but I would still love to have this thing sitting on my shoulder =p. It’d be even better if you could wind it up and have go all exorcist/toy story on you.

“We toys see eeeeeeeeeverythiiiiiiiiiiing…….”

Cristina, Good call.

Josh, If you and Phil agree on something, it’s got to be a sign. Of something.

Bruna, Ha! Yep, this piggie is super peeved alright. A rotating piggie head could be cool. What if it was a bobble head?

Alden, oh yeah. A windup piggie would be swell. Maybe you turn his tail to wind him up and then he whispers advice to you. Yikes!

I think I’d buy one to put on my desk. Two questions: What are the dimensions? Will it balance? (Because, let’s be honest, if it’s six feet tall, and always tips over and lands on it’s face, I probably couldn’t put it on my desk.)

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