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Bryan! I’m going to use your teachering side a bit now: about these awesome sketches of yours: Do you do this direct on your computer/photoshop? Or do you use ink and paper? if so, what kind of pen to get this results, the line is so expressive! I tried to ink here, with a pen, but the lines are to thin and, I don’t know, it just don’t look near as great as yours… what’s your SECRET???!! please! please! pleassse? X)

I don’t know why, but that’s hysterical.

Hey Bruna, I use sharpie markers and Foray brand permanent markers for my drawings. I usually do all my drawings on post-it notes. I use both thin and ultra thin markers, depending on how thick I want the lines. I find that the unforgiving permanence of sharpie markers really frees me up to be more loose and expressive, strangely enough. If I make a mark, it’s there for good, so who cares if it’s not the perfect mark, there’s nothing I can do about it if it isn’t! That gives me some confidence, and I need all the confidence I can get.

Josh, excellent, my master plan is working. Or is it…?

Uau! I just imagined a room filled with post its and your drawings! 😀 thanks for the tips Bryan, I’ll try out the markers and see how it goes! b.

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