Not just for Xmas anymore.

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hahah! i love it!! 😀

Ha ha, awesome! I love the elves’ expressions too, particularly the littlest one who looks sort of bummed.

So you are in Seattle? I hope to do a whirlwind Portland/Seattle adventure sometime while in Vancouver to catch up with some ex-DNAers. I’ll let you know! I’m thinking it might happen either very soon, or the second or third week of September. 🙂

Thanks Mike!

Hey Sarah, we actually just got back from Seattle. Now we’re back in Indiana 🙁 It was a great trip tho, we hiked around Mt. Ranier, saw friends and lots of family, etc. How long are you in Vacouver for again?

Yay! I`m a Christmas freak. Nice job on the characters, they look just like the ones in the cartoons.

Hmmmm. That Motorcycle looks familiar.

Thanks Cristina!

Brian R., yes, that Motorcycle was actually modeled by the delightful and talented Ryan Boberts. He’s most well known for launching 2 liter food bombs in mall parking lots.

Ahh yes, Ryan Boberts. So talented. Handsome and humble, too.

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