The PorkChomps are here, wheeee!

So we’re at the Petco getting some doggie chow and lo and behold, there’s a PorkChomps display!  I did the character/logo for this a bit ago, and it was super neato to see it finally out in the wild.  So we bought a few packs. Our doggies loved ’em. Probably because of the logo.

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I definitely prefer it to rawhide.

Hey congradulations! They look good enough to eat…

Josh, I’ve never found rawhide to be digestible enough, you know?

Thanks Liz! They’re good for flavoring soups too (or so I’ve heard).

Mmmmmm… baaaked poooorrrrrk skiiiiiinnnnnn….
I actually find myself wanting to take a bite. They look tasty.
And nice work on the logo!


I love the logo, so crazy appealing. Congrats! 🙂

that’s so rad. 😀

I really like the logo too, – did you do the package design aswell? It looks really cool – almost makes me wanna buy one for myself.

if my vote counts… I prefer them over rawhide as well. they don’t poke my gums. Great design. Love the dog.

Jeremy, yeah, I’ve seen worse ingredients on lots of “people” food. Why, just take a look at for instance.

Thanks Sarah!

Mike, I thought I was the only one still using that expression. Rad on my friend, rad on.

Muffin, I didn’t do the packaging design, just the logo. The design company was a real peach to work with though, very cool art director.

Doug, I prefer them as well. They don’t swell up in your intestinal tract as badly as rawhide either. A real plus!

Lol, I didn’t know you did the Porkchomps dog… although that does sound like something you WOULD do… ha ha, I have something to brag about now (So what your uncle is Robin Williams? I know the guy that did the Porkchomps dog!)

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