Dries fast too!

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…and that’s all that really matters, right? 😉

Mine hasn’t fallen out – I shave it. But, I still try to be pretty clean.

Interesting use of shading on this one – a little bit different than your usual style, but still really cool.

I also like your new banner.

Bruna, yep that’s it!

Tyson, actually I’ve got rotating banners now! Wheeee. Yeah, I drew this one with, *gasp* a pencil. I don’t normally sketch with one, but that’s what I had.

Wow, it looks just like my dad!!! Well sort of 🙂

Ha, thanks Liz. You can tell your dad that his hairstyle is biblically sound. 🙂

i’m graphic designer’s student from Chile.
yours ilustrations are very good and are my inspiration from my ilustration’s class.

sorry but my english are not very good.

the caracters are very amazing!



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