Post Doggie Paddle

Just got back from a vacation up on Lake Superior. Our dog Fable looks so wet and majestic on the beach.

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Somehow, I am deeply inspired.

I think I’ll go try out for the Olympics.

hah! that picture is awesome. i wouldn’t even feel worthy to go pet him. plus, i wouldn’t want to get wet.

Aaaawww! It’s a SUPER DOG!!!! put a red towel on her back, and she’s ready to fight crime (with Mike’s cats. they fight crime too)! the super heroe pose it’s already perfect! (just curious, what’s she’s looking at???) awesome fable pic! 😀

You`re dog is cool. 😉

Jen, yes, Fable is inspiring in many ways. In many means as well.

Mike, you don’t even have to get too close to Fable to get wet, once she starts a shakin’.

Bruna, Fable is looking at the approaching opportunities for justice, truth, and tennis balls dangling over the head of her owner who’s holding the camera.

Cool, Bryan–wish I could be…..Ah, me. Love, Mom

Oh, wow. I always thought Fable was a pretty dog, but wow… I love your photography…

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