Piggie Scratch

Some piggies done in a scratchboard illustration style. Pigs are one of my all time favorite things to draw. I’m not sure why, but I think it has to do with the snout. If you put a snout on your drawing, it’s a pig. Wack out the rest of it, as long as it’s got a recognizable snout, it keeps it’s pigginess.

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That’s so weirdly true! These are very fine pigs. I like the third one best of all! 🙂

Hi my friend.i found here , when in searched on google. your blog is so nice and friendly…
so , i hope you can go on your drawing …

this is a fun series… interesting how free the next sketch becomes when scrolling. Were they created in that order? It would be very very curious to see how far and where that road would lead you.

Thanks Sarah, I think it just might be true! Throw a snout on a rutabega and boom, you’ve got a pig. Well, at least a rutabegapig.

Thanks for visiting Taher!

Doug, yep, you guessed it, that was the order I did those in. Do you think the world would be safe if I continued to push it? 🙂

Push it on Bryan! Push it on! the next pig is always the best one!

Okay Bruna, you convinced me. I will push the pigs.

wow. you sure know pigs.

i like number three!

Yeah, that third pig is great. It’s fun seeing your stuff in scratchboard.

OH, HOW NIKKI LOVES THE PIGGIES!!! Is there a big bad wolf, or is it just three pigs by random coiencidence?

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