As long as you don’t step all the way through, can you ever go wrong with a doorway? I took this up at the old family farm in far Northern Wisconsin.

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What a cool picture!! I think the bucket makes it.

this picture’s kinda eerie. like any minute now, some horrible creature is going to jump out of that door and attack the kid.

unless you play the green acres song in your head while looking at this. in that case it’s really happy! (that works for anything by the way).

just love your black and white photography. This piece is really nice. Really love the cast shadow of the vine playing off of the contrast of the girl’s white shirt. And all the while being surrounded by subtle shadows in the stucco. I don’t see it as creepy or eerie though. It just looks like a summer day to me. I can smell cut lawn, and lemongrass. I can hear the tinkle of ice cubes in the iced tea pitcher. It is a summer afternoon, looking for a shady cool spot to take a nap.

I definitely wanna go to that farm. Looks awesome.

Your photographs continue to be great.

Have I told you how much I love your photos???????!!! I do.
Absolutly awesome contrast and perfect composition once again.

This is like flippin awesome!!! You should make a DeviantaArt account at deviantart.com and post all that art you have on here. You ger great feed back from other artist and stuff. It`s an artist community online. I`m on there. Go to learning-to-breath.deviantart.com hit browse gallery to view my stuff. Again, this picture is awesome!-

Liz, thanks! That bucket was used for collecting stones on the beach.

Mike, I tried playing Green Acres while watching Alf, and you know, it did make it less depressing!

Doug, yeah, all those shadows on the stucco really helped. Thanks man.

Josh, I’m gonna post a few more pics from the farm soon. It’s a good place. Compliments from the mentor/inspiration to the student always mean a lot.

Thanks Bruna, I really appreciate it.

Christina, I will look more into Deviantart. Your pink bubble photo is so rockin’ Big Time.

Hahaha, thanks. Well, I`m very fond of photography. 😉

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