As long as it’s on sale.

The latest Drawergeeks topic was “hotdog stand”, proposed by my chum,  J. Vanhoozer.  This illustration’s for you good buddy. Click “more” for some making of stuff.


I started with the line work. Where’s the pencil sketch you ask? Ummm… Well. Ummm… I kinda went right to line work with my cheap sharpie knock off marker. I find that drawing the line work without the sketch (for me) looks much looser. When I ink over a sketch, it gets all tight and betrays my lack of draftsmanship. (i.e. I don’t draw too good).  But I’m starting to grow comfortable with my afformentioned lacking, as I embrace what I’d previously thought of as my own imperfections. Not sure if that makes sense, but there it is.

Next came the coloring. I plopped the line drawing into Painter and slopped in the color underneath using Painter’s artist oil brushes.

Then I adjusted the colors a bit in Photoshop. They were a little too saturated and contrasty and I wanted it to have a more limited palette.  Here’s a zoom in on the painting combined with the line work. Lookit the way that cheap permanent pen ink bleeds into the cheap printer paper I draw on.  Some people pay good money for that primitive line quality. Not me baby.  I like my hotdogs and my art supplies on clearance!

And here’s the final illustration again. As the saying goes; “Sometimes you don’t have to look for bargains, they’re laying right there on the sidewalk of life,  just waiting for you.”

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When I saw this, I had to laugh.
Chok-full of that Bryan Ballinger charm and awesomeness.
And you sir are the schoolyard king of weird comedy.
I am truly Luke to your Yoda.


hahaha! this was so great, bryan. pure bredwigness.

and i just noticed the vanwiener hoozer sign. that’s the best part.

Awesome artwork!!! I keep tunned in on drawergeek just to see what you and Mike come up with amazing arts every time!!! b.

I like it! The first thing I thought of was my one-time brother-in-law who had a garage sale and couldn’t unload enough. So he doubled the price on everything and then put tags that said ‘Half off, everything must go!’. Working the system, that’s the way to go for sure.

If I didn’t know better I’d say you were a sad little weird man. 😛
I love your stuff, Bryan. And this makes me sad in a weird/funny way, like most your other stuff. You are something something.

Jeremy, ha, you got the seat of honor though!

Mike, ha ha, you got the other seat of honor!

Bruna, thanks! Mike’s way more consistently awesome than I am.

Tony, the system needs workin’ that’s for sure.

Muffin, I’m not sure you do know better… 🙂

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