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haha. Bryan, Bryan.
I gotta ask – are you christian?
I am – and I love these. (:

Hey Mette. How’d you know? Ya, I am a christian. What particular flavor of christian? Cheese flavored maybe? I dunno.

HAHAHAHAH! Cheese flavored christian?!! never seen this kind before… there’s always a first time for everything…
awesome Bryan!

Cheese flavored? Really? I’m sticking with the salty sticks. Lots more fun, I promise.

I am sugar frosted b-cuz we need to have sweet spirit (awwww). Although the salt of the earth variety aint bad either.

At least none of us are sweet and sour meatballs so far.

probably the less that the lions knew flavor wise… the better off the Christians were in the coliseums.
Mr. B, it is always a boost to see your work.

Bruna, I’m probably a little bit cheddar, a little bit gouda.

Mette, yeah salty is good alright. I actually like to put salt on my shredded wheat. What does it mean?

Jim, I’ve always thought of you as a sugar frosted meatball.

Doug, the limburger xtians always survive.

Bryan, hm.. I’m not Joseph, but I think it means you are about to have 7 dreams in a row. And after that you gotta go make your own bread for 2 weeks, and kill a few skinny cows and one fat one.
Better be obidient.

Ha ha… nearly as much as I love your drawings I love the odd and branching conversations that grow from them. All the different flavors of christianity sounds like a spoof baskin robbins t-shirt design or something.

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